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Mascara Hacks Every Girl Needs to Know

admin March 21, 2018

Having long lashes is like a dream for all the women out there. However, not everyone is lucky to have them, but you do not really have to worry about it because there are always ways to fake those flawless lashes and look pretty. And if you have not yet added something as important as mascara to your makeup kit, it is time you do it. Yes, mascara is something that can really change your looks with just a few coats. All you need to know is how to use them to your advantage.

Here are some of the important mascara hacks to achieve those long and thick lashes:

Bend the Mascara Wand Slightly



As you start applying mascara try slightly bending your mascara wand such that it is perpendicular to the handle. It will not only help you reach the problem areas but also allow you better control.

Use your Mascara as Eyeliner

There are days when we forget to buy what all is missing in our makeup kit and realize it only when we need them. So if you want to put eyeliner but realize to your horror that you have forgotten to buy them, don’t panic. Just use your mascara as an eyeliner and viola you are done.

A Toothbrush to your Rescue

Use a clean toothbrush or a lash comb to brush your lashes after each coat of mascara application to separate them and get rid of clumps to make them appear neat and long.

Use the Spoon Trick

The spoon trick is wonderful when applying mascara as it will prevent your mascara getting in the wrong spots especially if you don’t have a steady hand. All you need to do is just hold a spoon under your lashes and then apply mascara. This is easy and will protect the rest of your eye makeup from getting spoiled.

Get Rid of Clumps

Applying from a new bottle of mascara for the first few times can transfer a lot of extra product on the wand thus resulting in clumps. Try wiping your wand on a napkin or tissue to get rid of the excess mascara and then apply it to get long and flirty lashes.

Use a Waterproof Mascara with your Regular One

If you want your mascara to last longer try layering waterproof mascara over your waterproof mascara. Start by applying your regular mascara and then layer it with waterproof mascara. It will keep your mascara in place throughout the day and protect it from smearing. That’s not all. Removing it is also easier.

Fake Thick Lashes by Coating them on Both Sides

If you are among those who happen to have thin and sparse lashes, this easy trick will give you thick and fuller lashes. Try coating both sides by looking up and down alternatively. This will give you thicker and darker lashes within minutes.

Halve the Eye Lash Strip for Easier Application



Applying a false lash is something most of us have done at some point of time or other and we know what a challenge it is to get it in place in one go. But there are some easy hacks that will surely make applying a false eyelash an easy task. Here, has a look at them and get thicker eyelashes easily.

  • Use a handheld mirror, place it on a table and prop your elbows to lean over the mirror to get a better look while applying false eyelashes.
  • To make sure that the false eye lashes easily take the shape of your eye, try wrapping them around the handle of a makeup brush to give them some curve.
  • Use a clean cotton swab, an ear bud or a booby pin to easily apply eyelash glue to false eyelashes before putting them on for easy application. Alternatively, you can also directly apply the glue on your upper lash line

Heat your Eyelash Curler

Use your blow dryer to heat your eye lash curler and let it cool slightly and use it to curl your lashes as usual. This will curl your lashes more easily and also keep it in shape for longer hours.

Soak your Mascara in Lukewarm Water

Soaking your mascara for few minutes before applying will prevent clumps and smudgy look thus giving you a smooth and clean look.

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